Daily Challenges

While you will gain both knowledge and enjoyment from these challenges, you will gain a more rational world to live and thrive in by sharing your Objectivist365 Challenges on your favorite social media outlet.

  • Need stuff? Order via smile.amazon.com (not available on phone apps) and select Ayn Rand Institute the Center for the Advancement of Objectivism for your charitable contribution. Once you’ve selected it, every time you visit Amazon Smile, ARI will receive a percentage of your purchases by default!
  • Tweet @DennisPrager to have him debate @yaronbrook on the @RubinReport.
  • Share a video from ARI’s YouTube channel with someone who is interested in ideas. I’ve found it helpful to introduce Objectivist ideas to which my friend will be receptive. For example, if they are “pro-choice”, I will share this video:

    The hope is that they will see their cherished ideas presented in a fresh new way, and be interested in seeing the rest of Dr. Lockitch’s talk. Perhaps they will find other Objectivist ideas worth investigating
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